Love Songs | A Poem

I swear I couldn’t possibly give my heart to anyone because even if I had one to give, I’d take it back at gunpoint.



I’d break you in
Half. I would
I won’t blink
I won’t care
My feelings
Are no where.

Cold like Neptune
I’ll hand you my
Heart with my lips
Then I’ll take it
Back at gun point.
I never once
Said it was yours

What made you think
It was yours?

I don’t romance, but
If you’d like
My gun can sing you
Love songs.

© Eshe Kente 2017
Image by Michelle BarlondSmith

Later | A Poem

This is inspired by those who are afraid to love or be loved. Those who claim to live in the now but seem to leave all that’s real and meaningful for later. Is that you? Because it might just be me.



Hold me raw
Need me now
Love me later
You have soul
Deep it goes
Bare it later

I’m the one
Feel me now
Tell me later
And I don’t like
To miss you
See me later

Perfect but
Only on paper
I can’t cherish
All what you are
Save you for

 © Eshe Kente 2017
Image: Artist Unknown

There’s No End (To Us) | A Poem

Normally I am strictly anti-valentine’s day. I was actually plotting on posting an anti-love poem today. But no, this year I will celebrate the sweet idea of love and loving with everyone else. Just for a change of scenery. I hope you find someone who will be your valentine everyday of your life together, it looks like the person in this poem has.





There’s no end to us
They did try ending us
But there’s no end to us
There’s no end
I’m yours
I’m yours
Watch my guard descend
You echo through
My brain like sound
And when my soul beats
It beats for you my love
And when my heart speaks
It calls your name my truth
And everything I do
Is in your name my true

There’s no end to us
There’s no end
I can’t lie
I won’t lie
I won’t pretend

© Eshe Kente 2017