My Raptures Are Blue | A Poem



All of my raptures are blue
None of my demons are new
Often they lie on my truth
Often I lie but I’m true
All I think of
Is death and violence
Lost in the deep dark
I watch the silence
My soul has deep marks
She drinks the silence
This life is fruitful
Me, I’m barren

Dead inside
I am never okay
Cold inside
I don’t even smile inside

© Eshe Kente 2017

Shards Of Madness | A Poem


I breathe life like it’s poetry
In sync with my ink
I bleed true, blue black
Whole through shattered glass
I’m like shards of madness
I mirror the dusk
See how my symmetry cuts

© Eshe Mwilima 2016

Shards of Madness as featured on my first poetry anthology Blue Raptures : a twisted trip through my mind… if you dare. Go forth and devour!