We’re The Chosen

the chosen (n): one who is the object of choice or of divine favour



don’t hide your truth
let it speak true
let it free you

told you i’m the one
even in the dark
i see you

told you we’re the chosen
i’ll be your sun
since your heart is frozen

you’re both of us
like our souls were woven
i can be your solace
you can be beholden

told you i’m the one
even in the dark
i’m golden

© Eshe Kente 2017
Image by Unknown



This is inspired by and dedicated to my bestie, my soul-mate, my partner in crime (you know who you are). I wrote this for her birthday as a way of celebrating her existence and our bond. I never really know what to call her so I left this one untitled.



And I could never pull back
And I could never lack, no
There’s a word for us
But it’s not strong enough
Don’t you break my heart, no

Grow but don’t change, no
Don’t go
Even when life seems
To move slow
You have issues
Don’t stress, Love
I’ll take them
You have monsters
Don’t look back
I’ll slay them
And you could never lack
I could never pull back
I could never break your heart, no

© Eshe Kente 2017