Run Through

run through (v): to make a quick trip or informal visit for a short stay at a place



i was looking for answers
when i found you
can i question your answers
can i come through

slide into lace and
slide through
we can dance all night
three, one, two
waste our days
if you want to

we are the free few
baby if i leave
would you come too
i know a couple places
we can run to
heavens and clouds
we can run through

© Eshe Kente 2017
Image by Unknown



aftermath (n): the consequences of an event (especially a catastrophic event)



stay a while
we’re waves
not flames
we won’t die
seeing far and wide
like eagle eyes

stay alive
after night
in the afterlife
after you and i
there’s you and us
the sweetest rush
and the aftermath

© Eshe Kente 2017
Image by Unknown

Call Me A Dark Poet

And my lips are ultra dark
Like my soul darling 

It’s 07:44 where I am. I’ve been up all night, I’ve been thinking – darkness is a repeated theme in my life.

I don’t mess with makeup but I’m know for my ultra dark lips. They’re so dark that people often think it’s black lipstick. My mother says I wear too much black, (she says I look like a widow) but I think she’s over exaggerating because I actually like to playing with colour… especially the colour black. I love the night because the world is so quiet and still and beautiful, at this point I should have developed night vision.

Music is really my oxygen. It helps me focus and avoid getting lost in my mind. My tastes vary. I can go from playing Giggs to Ray Charles real quick. One of my absolute favourite is Lana Del Rey, I adore her! There’s so much darkness and depravity in her music but she makes it so beautiful it hurts good.

My favourite genre is called dark erotica, I promise you I’m 100% not there for the naughtiness. What appeals to me is the messed-up-ness of it all. I can relate more to deeply scarred characters and destructive behaviour than the sunshine and butterflies in other genres.



If love was life
I would be dead
It’s hard to feel
With a heart of lead
So much I think
That can’t be said
So when I speak
I hold my breath


My poetry has never been on the light side but it seems that I truly began becoming a dark poet when I first started writing Blue Raptures, that would have been 2012/13. I found my poetry book from that time and I swear it scared me. I can actually write really beautiful things, the beginning of Blue Raptures prove this. But of course I could write a thousand beautiful, light poems it still wouldn’t change who I am.

I’ve always told people that my poetry will not make you smile, it’s not written for that. My poems are written to take you out of your comfort zone. My favourite themes are blues, darkness, emptiness, nothingness, barrenness, loneliness, heartlessness… there’s a huge part of me that only knows such things. Like the earth I have day and night, but the night last for up-to 98 hours at a time, there’s about 2 hours of daylight and then the sun sets again.

I’m twisted, but only slightly 

No one could ever understand just how dark my mind runs, naturally it seeps into my mode of self expression. I write because I really do like finding beauty in dark places. My dad joked that Blue Raptures might inspire psychos and murders. He’s probably right.

– Eshe Kente

Get To Know Me: 21 Random Facts About Me

So this is the part where you get to know me a bit more…

1. I don’t like humans nor do I like associating with them

2. I have very few friends and most of them are in one way, shape or form a danger to society

3.  l’m a bit of a grammar Nazi (only because i’m an English student)

4. I hate dogs

5. I have an extremely sweet tooth

6. Like seriously

7. I’m a night owl, I come alive in the witching hour

8. I don’t remember the last time I had a good night’s sleep

9.  My mind is quite literary a dark maze, even I get lost

10. I’m a cancer not that it means anything to me

11. I’m an only child

12. I turn 21 next year

13. I am currently studying English & Teaching English as a Foreign Language

14. Music rocks my soul

15. You’ll often catch me with statement earrings and hella dark lips

16. I pause and look at the sky in awe about 50 times a day

17. I love babies!

18. I’ve been a bookworm from birth

19. I’ll probably die by oreo milkshakes

20. I was born in Tanzania, East Afrika.

21. I wholeheartedly believe in being in love with self before anyone else

– Eshe Kente



What Blue Raptures Taught Me

So, on the 31st of August I published my very first creative project Blue Raptures (a short poetry anthology) with my partner in crime Hena Bryan under her very own Bryan House Publishing. I’ve been writing for most of my life, I’ve had poems published here and there but I’ve never seen my name on a cover, I’ve never been able to say here’s something that’s all mine. The feeling I get while looking at Blue Raptures is one I want to recreate again and again.


It’s been a long a long road, I’ve essentially been working towards Blue Raptures for about four years now. I remember I wrote a poem that went “my raptures are tinted blue” and Blue Raptures  as I’ve come to know it was born. Some of the poems that made it in the final draft were written four years ago, some were written a month before we published it, but they all capture the mood.

Blue Raptures has tested me all the way to my limits and back. It taught me that I don’t have any true limits other than the ones I set for myself. I went through periods of frustration and self doubt, sometimes a voice in the back of my head would tell me that I wasn’t good enough until I realised that the voice was my own.

Blue Raptures showed me that all I need is focus and the rest will come because after all is said and done I am a wordsmith, everything else is just details.

Blue Raptures taught me that writer’s block can be a friend,  maybe it’s a sign that I’m overworking myself, maybe I need to stop putting so much pressure on my creativity and live a little.. or A LOT. Creativity is like a river, as long as there’s a source it keeps on flowing.

Most importantly Blue Raptures taught me that writing is something that I want to pursue. Right now I’m already thinking about my next next poetry anthology.  I’m plotting plot lines for my first novel. I made this blog so it can bear witness to my growth as a writer. I will be sharing some poetry, short stories, extracts and random thoughts – trust me I have many. I’ll be doing book reviews and maybe even author interviews… the future is an open space.

Feel free to check out my baby and tell me what you think.

–  E