Call Me A Dark Poet

And my lips are ultra dark
Like my soul darling 

It’s 07:44 where I am. I’ve been up all night, I’ve been thinking – darkness is a repeated theme in my life.

I don’t mess with makeup but I’m know for my ultra dark lips. They’re so dark that people often think it’s black lipstick. My mother says I wear too much black, (she says I look like a widow) but I think she’s over exaggerating because I actually like to playing with colour… especially the colour black. I love the night because the world is so quiet and still and beautiful, at this point I should have developed night vision.

Music is really my oxygen. It helps me focus and avoid getting lost in my mind. My tastes vary. I can go from playing Giggs to Ray Charles real quick. One of my absolute favourite is Lana Del Rey, I adore her! There’s so much darkness and depravity in her music but she makes it so beautiful it hurts good.

My favourite genre is called dark erotica, I promise you I’m 100% not there for the naughtiness. What appeals to me is the messed-up-ness of it all. I can relate more to deeply scarred characters and destructive behaviour than the sunshine and butterflies in other genres.



If love was life
I would be dead
It’s hard to feel
With a heart of lead
So much I think
That can’t be said
So when I speak
I hold my breath


My poetry has never been on the light side but it seems that I truly began becoming a dark poet when I first started writing Blue Raptures, that would have been 2012/13. I found my poetry book from that time and I swear it scared me. I can actually write really beautiful things, the beginning of Blue Raptures prove this. But of course I could write a thousand beautiful, light poems it still wouldn’t change who I am.

I’ve always told people that my poetry will not make you smile, it’s not written for that. My poems are written to take you out of your comfort zone. My favourite themes are blues, darkness, emptiness, nothingness, barrenness, loneliness, heartlessness… there’s a huge part of me that only knows such things. Like the earth I have day and night, but the night last for up-to 98 hours at a time, there’s about 2 hours of daylight and then the sun sets again.

I’m twisted, but only slightly 

No one could ever understand just how dark my mind runs, naturally it seeps into my mode of self expression. I write because I really do like finding beauty in dark places. My dad joked that Blue Raptures might inspire psychos and murders. He’s probably right.

– Eshe Kente


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