What Blue Raptures Taught Me

So, on the 31st of August I published my very first creative project Blue Raptures (a short poetry anthology) with my partner in crime Hena Bryan under her very own Bryan House Publishing. I’ve been writing for most of my life, I’ve had poems published here and there but I’ve never seen my name on a cover, I’ve never been able to say here’s something that’s all mine. The feeling I get while looking at Blue Raptures is one I want to recreate again and again.


It’s been a long a long road, I’ve essentially been working towards Blue Raptures for about four years now. I remember I wrote a poem that went “my raptures are tinted blue” and Blue Raptures  as I’ve come to know it was born. Some of the poems that made it in the final draft were written four years ago, some were written a month before we published it, but they all capture the mood.

Blue Raptures has tested me all the way to my limits and back. It taught me that I don’t have any true limits other than the ones I set for myself. I went through periods of frustration and self doubt, sometimes a voice in the back of my head would tell me that I wasn’t good enough until I realised that the voice was my own.

Blue Raptures showed me that all I need is focus and the rest will come because after all is said and done I am a wordsmith, everything else is just details.

Blue Raptures taught me that writer’s block can be a friend,  maybe it’s a sign that I’m overworking myself, maybe I need to stop putting so much pressure on my creativity and live a little.. or A LOT. Creativity is like a river, as long as there’s a source it keeps on flowing.

Most importantly Blue Raptures taught me that writing is something that I want to pursue. Right now I’m already thinking about my next next poetry anthology.  I’m plotting plot lines for my first novel. I made this blog so it can bear witness to my growth as a writer. I will be sharing some poetry, short stories, extracts and random thoughts – trust me I have many. I’ll be doing book reviews and maybe even author interviews… the future is an open space.

Feel free to check out my baby and tell me what you think.

–  E


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